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Keynote Speaking + Workshops

Across the country and on the platform you can find Theresa leading interactive workshops on her trademarked system of inner power (#InPower™ ) and topics relating to personal power, boundaries, defense, and what keeps us in (or takes us out) of our power.

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Speaking and Workshop
Expertise and Topics Include:

  • Stopping Your Inner Bully (*
  • Breaking Through Fear Workshop 
  • Healthy Boundaries in Your Life
  • Inspiration and Mindset
  • Unleash Your Inner Warrior Confidence 
  • Safety - Mental, Emotional, and Physical 
  • The Physiology of Self Care
  • How to Thrive After Surviving 
  • Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs and Blocks
  • Adrenaline/Adrenal Reactions
  • Stress Training & Conditioning
  • Practical Self-Defense
  • The Art of Embracing Anger 
  • Fear to Fierce 
  • NoBullying
  • TeenSpeak
  • InPower Yourself
  • Assertive Communication
  • Healthy Conflict
  • Powerful Partnering
  • De-Escalation Techniques

For Event Coordinators:

All of my topics fall under the umbrella of INNER POWER - or InPower©. These include body, mind, or spirit work:

  • shifting or changing mindsets for success
  • overcoming the Inner Bully© - stop beating yourself up!
  • unleashing your Inner Warrior to live powerfully and at your best
  • self-defense: practical tips using boundaries, practices, and awareness
  • applying brain technology/Mental Fitness for life (breathwork, adrenaline awareness, self-care, resilience, and calming)
  • using positive intelligence© (the only format to increase EQ) understanding our defeating patterns and how our brains work BEST
  • stopping self-sabotage (Saboteur Workshop)
  • Theresa can do 20 - 30 - 60 minute presentations ONLINE. In some cases a 90-minute workshop is available. 
  • In-person options include 60-minute, half-day (3 hours), or full-day (5-hour) workshops.
  • These include active and interactive experiences which include keynote lecture style, and exercises for small groups or large groups. 

Theresa can do presentations with or without AV or a microphone. 

Photos For Events

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Downloadable BIO:

Theresa Byrne is a global speaker (over 300k views on her talk, "The Dangers of Your Inner Bully") and an award-winning author and trainer.

Theresa Byrne, aka "Master T" is a nationally recognized expert in self-empowerment and a Master Instructor in martial arts, and personal self-defense, and uses her experience to teach others (she's worked directly with over 40,000 clients) how to activate their inner power using concepts like how adrenaline affects our bodies and mindset, and why boundaries are the secret to staying sane..

Theresa also healed a devastating TBI from a car accident! Many speak about neuroscience, but how many people have HAD to use it to rebuild their brains and their lives? She has. She had to - there was no other choice other than to stay "neurologically disabled".

A natural-born protector, she's a self-defense expert and the first woman to earn the rank of Master Instructor in her system of martial arts. She helps people get unstuck, find balance, and use positive boundaries.

Speaker Introduction: 

Theresa Byrne is an inner power and global self-defense expert and a Certified Positive Intelligence© Coach.

Her 2019 TEDTalk on healing her brain from a devastating car accident struck a nerve. Arianna Huffington, of  Thrive Global, chose it as one of the "Top 10 Most Meaningful TED Talks." As a speaker, she teaches people how to change their physiology in just three seconds by using their inner power.

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