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Harness your inner power and unleash your superpowers. #ForReal 

 Do you feel powerful? Are you ready to see what you haven’t seen? Each of us have blind spots and we can’t change what we don’t know. This is what I do: guide you to your most powerful InPower™ self. 

Do you know your “power moves”? Are you aware when you’re in your “Power Zones” or out of them? Learning how to use your innate power and set proper, healthy boundaries isn’t just important, it’s necessary to THRIVE. Keeping us safe, sane, and sacred boundaries and our inner power (‘inpower™’) work together to unleash our superstardom. You deserve the life you want. We’re never given desires without the means to achieve them. 

Set yourself up for success, not struggle, with this easy to follow blueprint and checklist. Learn mental secrets and how to apply them so you know what to say when you talk to yourself.

Hi! My name is Theresa Byrne and I’m an InPower™ Strategy Mentor and a certified Master Trainer/Instructor in self defense, boundary setting, as well as 4th Degree Black Belt in martial arts. I apply the ancient wisdom of the masters before me to practical, applicable everyday situations. With me you also get a specialist in communication, conflict, and energy clearing. Getting you unstuck is my jam — so you can rock your life.

I’ll teach you how to create a lifestyle and mindset of success in all areas of your life by harnessing the power within so you’re no longer stopped by fears, anxiety, doubts, blocks, opinions, expectations, or anything else. Your life becomes your choice.

With a unique ability to see/feel power and ‘outages’ and ‘blocks’, I’ve trained tens of thousands of people (and over millions in my work on TV) to understand and apply specialized techniques — we can each see how our unique power works in and for us, once someone shows us HOW.

I actually have a legitimate tradmarked system, one I developed over decades of teaching and training: InPower™“education services and training in a system relating to personal power, boundaries, and self-defense.”

You may know what a life coach is, but that’s not quite exactly what I do; I’m a Mentor, an Activator, a Catalyst: and I’ve been mentoring people and doing what’s now called “coaching” since the late 1990’s (I have a minor in Social Work/Psychology but didn’t feel called to go the therapist route). I take you through a systematic methodology using processes from the “InPower™ System™” so you can truly ROCK in your own world. 

Is this you

  • Do you ever feel STUCK, drained, or exhausted and you’re not sure why?
  • Do you feel awkward saying “no”? Or do you feel really uncomfortable in disagreements?
  • Do you have success in one area of your life, and can’t figure out why others are a struggle?
  • Do you find yourself trying to please others BEFORE you even get to THINK about yourself?

Maybe it’s time for you to change things – and get the support of a master.

I’ve been a featured expert and co-hosted several national television series teaching my system of InPower and as a self-defense expert and personal protection specialist; this one was called, “The Best Defense”.

I get it. I’ve been there. Everything I teach and guide you on, I’ve done myself and for thousands of others. Seriously. I’ve directly taught, trained, coached, and mentored  over tens of thousands of people to personal transformation.  No  joke. I’ve helped them find their inpower, and I can do the same for you.



Check out this FREE webinar course link:”Take Back Your Power – 5 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Warrior”. It’s the FREE full step one of the 5 steps of taking back your power in this 47 minute Home Study class!

Introduction to Take Back Your Power here: (5 mins)


How? I’ll guide you through group programs, individual sessions, online videos, workshops, webinars, worksheets, quizzes, books, and interactive sessions. Here’s a clip from a movie I did, using my own power. I also created the fight choreography and  do “movie fighting”.

“I can’t overstate the effectiveness of Theresa’s work. It’s difficult to describe because it’s extremely powerful and yet subtle. From my heart, Thank you, Theresa!” — D. Beale, owner ExpLearn Solutions, Denver, CO

You might be asking ” Can she what she says? Here I’m teaching on “Practical Tactical” on SPIKE TV. I’m also a national leading authority on personal protection (power), defense, and staying safe: I KNOW MY STUFF. And I’ve got your back.

“What appeals to you?
Learning to love yourself? Feeling powerful? Finding your power?
I’ve received things I never imagined, nor contracted for, from Theresa Byrne.
Theresa began teaching me everything I asked for, and never stopped. She saw things in me I could not imagine, nor ask for, as I did not even know I needed these things. I did not know how hard I was on myself. I did not know I was in my own way. I did not know I was blocking my success by not believing in myself.

Kimbirly K. Orr
Chief Media Strategist
Knock Out Performance


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Everyone has a great power within them, but sometimes we all need help letting it OUT!

“Theresa Byrne discovered her own superpowers and is sharing hers by empowering & inspiring others to embrace their power, own their uniqueness and live healthy amazing lives”. — L. Wickes

Ebook:  “The Secrets to Setting Healthy Boundaries in Dating”

Ebook Cover - The Secrets to Setting Boundaries in Dating

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Take Back Your Power Online Course

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