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Have the LIFE you want - relationships, success, inner confidence, --- SEE YOUR DREAMS MANIFEST. We work through fears, sabotage, and all the stops together. GET UNSTOPPABLE!

Coaching isn't just for professional athletes and celebrities - maybe it's FOR YOU!

I'm not just a certified coach - I'm a trainer, a teacher, and a master instructor. I am an inner power (InPower™), Expert & Coach, and Keynote Trainer who's worked directly with over 40,000 clients from all walks of life. I help people deal with their inner bully™ and address anything that takes their power away. AND GET IT BACK!!!

Are you sick and tired of your old, repeating patterns? Are you done struggling to figure things out on your own?

Are you ready to release those negative sabotaging feelings, behaviors, fears, frustration, doubt, and overwhelm?

Does your inner bully™ need a timeout?

All these can stem from a lack of activation in your own inner power. 

Work with me to rewire your thinking, stop sabotaging behaviors and thoughts, and increase your inner power.

  • I'm certified as a Positive Intelligence© Coach (PPQC), Facilitator (CPF), Virtual eSpeaker, NLP Practitioner, and Virtual Coach 
  • FEAR Specialist including anxiety issues 
  • My TED talk on the inner bully™ hit a nerve - it has over 333,000 views and pulled it to their global site!
  • A successful entrepreneur / business owner since the late 90's
  • A Certified 4th Degree Master Arts Master Instructor - International Self-Defense Expert AND certified in Adrenal Technology (fight, flight, freeze in LIFE)
  • A trained interventionist 

And I'll show you effectively how to take back your power, from wherever it went.

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Watch the TED Talk

"The Dangers of Your Inner Bully" on earned a spot on "The 10 Most Meaningful Lessons You Can Learn From Watching TED Talks" by Thrive Global magazine in 2019.


Individual or Group Work

"Stop Being Stopped" by whatever is holding you back. Get mental fitness and handle your sabotaging behaviors NOW.

Are you ready to OUT your saboteurs so they stop STOPPING you? Are you ready for a new 2021?

Without having the neural agility required to move quickly out of survival thinking and reactions, you’ll feel increased mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you face challenges.  

You won't be as easily able to access your greatest gifts like INTUITION and CREATIVITY!

The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your brain's ability and neural fitness significantly within 6-8 weeks of practice. Join in! January PODS forming NOW.

The results? Dramatically improved performance and productivity and a calm, clear and happier mind.  Ease and flow. Satisfaction and gratitude. The life you were meant to live. 

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Places I've been featured or taught ...

"You empowered me as a woman to feel confident and like a bad ass walking around in the world. Your insight and intuitive nature helped me parent my child while recognizing his spirit and individuality. You have so many gifts and we have been very fortunate to have you in our lives. "

Mary H.
Mentoring Student

"Theresa "gets it"! She knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and bypass all the BS. She has coached me so many times and provided the clarity I needed to get unstuck. "


""...blocks show up for me in so many ways and Theresa is a PRO at helping me get them GONE. Every. Single. Time.""

Nadine L.

"Theresa is my 911 call. When I'm completely stuck - she knows exactly what to do to help free me up! "

Beverly B.
Coaching Client

"Your healing work was so helpful. I’ve been dating a great respectful guy for 2 weeks and we decided to date exclusively!  He said, “I can tell you are someone who doesn’t do what you don’t want to do. That's awesome.”  He loves that I have boundaries and express it nicely. YAY!!!!   The boundaries conversation has transformed my life!   …and I attracted someone who has good boundaries too. Thank you, thank you!"

Suzanne M.
Coaching Client

"You have no idea how the work you do has affected me. I learn something new every time I hear you speak! "

Nicole D.
Coaching Client

Lessons You Need!

Boundaries are the Sanity Keepers

We don't grow up learning how to set and keep our most important boundaries, but they are the KEY to having a life you love. And that loves you back!

Ever Buried Your Head??

We’ve all been there. Without having the energy to face a conflict or difficult situation, we shut down. I help you navigate the challenges so you have the skills to make it through. #Shine

Learn to Breathe

Breathe is the antidote to that adrenaline overload we feel; learn simple, time-tested techniques to help you thrive. No matter what.


Want to change your brain? 

Mental fitness is our ability to handle whatever life brings us with resilience. Join us for this one-of-a-kind 7-week group program to help you activate your neuroplasticity using Positive Intelligence©!

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