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>>>Activate the Power Within<<< 

"The most engaging inner power strategist you’ll ever meet. If you let her - she may just shift how you look at things."

"Theresa helps overdoers stop people pleasing and start living a healthy self-centric life! She's a modern-day leader in personal power."

While she was a professional martial artist and international self-defense expert featured in magazines, books, TV shows, and workshops around the world, Theresa developed the InPower™ system which focuses on helping people unleash their personal power and inner warrior strength.

As a personal protection specialist, she's pioneering the future of how we take care of ourselves, and what internal safety and boundaries mean.

Theresa was born with an innate protectress instinct (think the ‘mama bear effect’ in action) and an insatiable curiosity about personal power/human potential.

From childhood, she knew she wanted to help others reach their highest potential

Additional Experience and Credentials

  • Mindset Coach of the Year 2023
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 2024
  • Certified Positive Intelligence© Coach 2020 
  • Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner 2019 
  • Certified Clarity© Group Facilitator 2016
  • Winner, M3 Award Amex for Female Entrepreneurs 
  • Anti-Bullying Educator and Trainer 2000 
  • Fitness & Sports Medicine Certified Master Trainer: 1999 AAAI/ISMA, AFAA
  • C.M.T-Certified Massage Therapist 2003 with a focus on sports and kinesiology 
  • Reiki-2nd Degree Practitioner of Energy Healing 2004
  • Anger Management Certified Coach & Educator 2008
  • Adrenal Technology Educator and Trainer Certified 2000
  • Intuitive Training, Deb Sheppard  2006-2013
  • Founder, United  Martial Arts and Fitness Center, 1999
  • Colorado State University: B.A. in Communication Studies with Concentrations in Social WorkBusiness/Marketing Psychology

Crisis Interventionist: Roadhouse Crisis & Information Hotline Certified Volunteer & Trainer (6 years)

  • Ran a crisis hotline, and spent six years working with this organization as a Victim's Advocate

5th DegreeBlack Belt Certified Master Instructor in Martial Arts

  • 26+ years of teaching/training in a variety of martial arts styles & disciplines: Tae Kwon-Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Hapkido, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga & Filipino weapon arts
  • IPDTI-International Police Defense Tactics Instructor Certified
  • Certified FAST (Fast Adrenal Stress Training) Defense Instructor and Coach (certified since 2000)
  • EZ Defense For Kids Certified Instructor and Coach (since 2000)


  • 2009 appeared as a self-defense expert on “The Best Defense” Television show teaching self-defense from a woman’s perspective
  • 2010 Female host and self-defense expert on SPIKE TV Show “Don’t Be a Victim” appearing in “Practical Tactical”, “If Your Life Depended On It” and several more.
  • Creator of several personal empowerment programs called, “Finding Your Voice”; “Practical Self-Defense"; "Defeating Your Inner Bully", "Unleashing Your Inner Warrior" and many more!
  • 2011 author in “Fat is not a Four Letter Word” in the chapter on Movement and Fitness.
  • 2018 co-author of the award-winning book, "Powerful Partnering".
  • 2020 co-author of Best-Seller: "Life Unexpected to Life Inspired"
  • 2022 - on Best Holistic Life Magazine writer and cover model 
  • 2024 Soeleish Magazine cover and feature
  • and many other appearances, articles, interviews, and books!



Theresa's Mission

Theresa's desire drove her to create (and teach) a holistic approach to personal safety, power, confidence, and she saw an enormous need for people to learn both physical and emotional boundary-setting strategies for life, not just for defense.

She trademarked a system of teaching personal power, InPower™ and offers her work around the world. Theresa explains part of her unusual methodology as learning “boundaries from the inside out” and loves helping women engage and unleash their own Inner Warrior©!

She is the award-winning author of 5 books and developed an innovative educational and training system relating to personal power, boundaries, and success to the public called, InPower™ Living

Film & Television Appearances

Theresa has been featured as the female defense expert on six different SPIKE TV shows, as the power expert on “Fitting In” on ABC Family, in a martial arts movie, and telling her story on “The Dr’s” television show. Theresa has had many other roles in television, magazines, radio, and various other media. 

Martial Arts

In the late 90's, Theresa founded a martial arts and fitness studio in Denver and developed an unusual way of teaching martial arts and fitness based in positivity and encouragement (not the norm for fitness or martial arts, think more “drill sergeant” as normal) which she called Leading Through Love©

Theresa was the first woman to earn the distinguished rank and title of “Master” in her martial arts system in 2012 (a blended style of krav maga, hapkido, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, and tae kwon do) after over 20+ years of training/teaching.

She holds a 5th Degree Master Black Belt & Instructor Certification with over 45,000 hours of teaching/training in several different arts. 

Teaching & Speaking

Theresa loves teaching her unusual mindset and intuitive methodology on personal safety -  InPower and boundary-setting techniques and watching the “aha” moment when someone makes the connection that shifts their thinking or changes their life

As a nationally-recognized keynote speaker/workshop leader on power, boundaries, defense, and as a personal protection/safety expert, Theresa has trained millions of people through her innovative work which has appeared in many national/local television shows and magazines. 

Theresa recently presented an acclaimed TEDx Talk on The Danger of Your Inner Bully.

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