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Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power
& Reclaim Your Life!

Have you ever struggled with hurting someone else’s feelings?

Do you have a difficult time saying no?

Do you come last on your to-do list?

Then this course is for you!

It’s a 5 Module System built to teach and show you how to be powerful in your own life, no matter what. Being powerful is a choice, and it can be your choice.

It doesn't mean you are aggressive, cruel or hurtful. The exact opposite actually. It means you learn how to be strong mentally and do what you need to do to take great care of yourself in any situation. And if you don't feel great, you learn how to say so. It's learning how to stand up for yourself, and find your own voice.

Do you ever wonder when you walk into a room if it's ok to be you?

Do you worry that you might be "too much" or "too this/that/the other"?

This course is designed based on 20+ years of successfully training in and teaching martial arts and self-defense: how to access that sense of personal power that's inherent and living inside each of us. It's already inside you, my job is to help you find it.

Unleash your inner warrior!

Course Content

  • Step One: The Big Reveal: The Secret of Boundaries
  • Step Two: Why Your “Why” Matters
  • Step Three: The Strategy of The How 
  • Step Four: Who's on Your Team & Who Isn't
  • Step Five:  When Is It Time?
  • Bonus Content: The Strategy Unscripted

Take Back Your Power Also Includes the Following Two Courses...

Breaking Up With Fear

Fears can stop us or we can move through them to create a life worth living. (Hint: You were meant to live a big life, and to go after your dreams!)

After spending many years as a defense instructor, it became apparent with my clients that fear was the number one thing holding them back from using common defense techniques or boundary-setting tools.

In an effort to stop that, I became a dedicated fear researcher and delved into learning everything I could study and learn about fear so I could help people break the cycle.

5 Warrior (Ninja) Defense Tips to Keep You Safe & Sane

Learning how to think like a predator may not be fun, but it is necessary. After many years of teaching defense, these tips came out to be the most surprising yet helpful in creating a "Bad Target" for predators.

As self-defense instructors, we can't be with you all the time, but we can teach you how to walk and talk and look so that you're looking out for yourself.

Course Content 

  • What The What
  • The Why
  • The How
  • Lesson #1 The Eyes Have It
  • Lesson #2 - Boundaries, Baby, Boundaries
  • Lesson #3 - Your Tools
  • Lesson #4 - Paying Attention
  • Lesson #5 - Intuition Rules

Reclaim Your Power & Your Life Today with Take Back Your Power!



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