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TAKE BACK YOUR POWER–from anywhere it went.  

 Stand up for yourself. We can show you how.

Confidence is one of the most powerful life skills you can learn to create effective results. Learn through a system of specific tools and techniques so you can stand up for yourself, and ask for what you want: no matter what’s going on around you. Afraid of conflict? No problem. We’ve got your back and can train you how to handle it while you appear confident and unfazed (even if that’s NOT how you feel).

 Quiz – How Adept Are You at Setting Boundaries?

We each give our power (or focus/attention) away to things we don’t even realize: distractions, noise, drama, other people, negativity, relationships that don’t serve us, self-defeating behaviors, and self-limiting beliefs. The good news: change is possible through AWARENESS. Let us wake you up!

We’ll guide you through online videos, workshops, webinars, worksheets, quizzes, books, and interactive sessions.
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 Can she do what she says?

√Knowledge. Results. It’s that simple.

Our programs are created by Theresa Byrne, a 20-plus-year trained 4th Degree Black Belt, certified Master Level Instructor, national self-defense authority, personal protection specialist, a power catalyst, a female entrepreneurship speaker, a fear researcher, and a health/fitness guide. She’s co-hosted televisions and radio shows and workshops, appeared or been interviewed on many national and international television networks, media, and in several books. Some of the places she’s appeared: 

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Check out this FREE webinar course link:”Take Back Your Power – 5 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Warrior”. It’s the FREE step one of the 5 steps in this 47 minute webclass!

 Introduction to Take Back Your Power here: (5 mins)

  • Do you ever feel STUCK or drained and exhausted and not sure why?
  • Or do you ever wonder why you feel like life’s a struggle?
  • Do you wish you knew what to do to get your life back in your own hands?
  • Are you truly ready to SHINE? You can learn how to ROCK your life with masterful tools and techniques.

You can give yourself the FREEDOM to be powerful. Our InPower is something each of us is born with BUT it’s also our choice to use it, give it away, hide it, or pretend we don’t have it.

My job is to teach you awareness and a foundational system that keeps you in your own power. No matter what.

There’s a system to understanding power and it’s here to help you live in your own superpowers. Imagine knowing that you’ve got what it takes to feel comfortable in any situation, and if you don’t feel comfortable you’ll have tools to figure out WHY!

(And if you heard about Theresa’s self-defense key chain tool, it can be found here: Bling with Sting tool)

Consider putting a Power Master on your team so you can unleash YOUR power. Hey, we all go through challenges, it’s human nature to find challenges then grow. But you don’t have to feel frustrated all the time. Being powerful is freeing. 

Ways to engage:  Check out the videos and learn stuff. Download some of the free pdf’s and ebooks (in progress). Defense Tips from SPIKE TV’s “Don’t Be A Victim” Show Here. You can also watch Theresa as a host and Personal Protection Safety Expert in several television shows which aired on SPIKE. 

Attend a training webinar, teleseminar, or free online training class. Book a workshop or a keynote on-site training. Schedule a 1-1 session.


Everyone has a great power within them, but sometimes we all need help letting it OUT


Theresa Byrne discovered her own superpowers and is sharing hers by empowering & inspiring others to embrace their power, own their uniqueness and live healthy amazing lives.

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