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Personal power is what helps you get things done; it's what helps YOU rock YOU. This comprehensive system pulls from over two decades of research, teaching, and training thousands of successful people like YOU. This INPOWER™ System - built to help you unleash your gifts.

Keynote Speaking + Workshops

Across the country, you can find Theresa leading interactive workshops on her trademarked system of inner power (#InPower) and topics relating to personal power, boundaries, defense, and what keeps us in (or takes us out) of our power.

Expertise and topics include: Healthy Boundaries, Mindset, Unleashing Your Inner Warrior, Physiology Hacks for Self Care, How to #Thrive, Clearing Energetic Blocks, Adrenaline/Adrenal Reactions, Stress Training & Conditioning, Self-Defense, Anger Management, Fear + Courage, Bullying, TeenSpeak, Personal Safety, Assertive Communication, Healthy Conflict, Powerful Partnering, and De-Escalation Techniques. 

Online Training + Courses

Online home study courses and workshops offer you the flexibility to do your inner work at your own pace, as you're comfortable. #pajamas #nojudgment

All courses are experiential, meaning they aren't solely information you can pick up and store - they are created by a master instructor who is trained in the neuroscience and  principles of learning and retention. This means when you're in a course, you'll truly be "in" it. #LifeLessonsForReal

Film, Television, and Documentary Work

With a focus on inner power and educating the public on how to "Stop Being Stopped" Theresa's work and unique teaching style has gained national acclaim. #legit 

"Fitting In" - this documentary (aired on ABC Family channel) focuses on eradicating childhood obesity by educating kids and families on healthy habits and thinking. And away from the spiral of negative thinking, body shame, or disempowerment. #stoptheshame


Your time is NOW. Get and stay InPower.


Some of the places Theresa's work is featured...

Individual + Group Work

"Stop Being Stopped" by whatever is holding you back. Get into your InPower groove - you can work one on one with Theresa, or put together a group focusing on a similar outcome. 

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Adrenal Technology Classes 

Learn how to work WITH your adrenaline instead of against it with these public workshops. Learn to stay safe in case of emergency; it's the key to being able to stay sane no matter what. These classes were also voted the Best Defense Class of the Year by Black Belt Magazine. 

Class info here

POW - Private Defense Training 

Power of Women Training (POW) was created by two Black Belt women who saw a need for more women teaching women self-defense moves, maneuvers, and magical escapes. These can be taught in groups of 6 or more, or one on one. 

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"Don't Be a Victim" Series on SPIKE TV

Some basic defense moves from the television series.

"Practical Tactical" Series on SPIKE TV

Information on adrenaline and stress training in self-defense.

"What is Love?" These kids will enlighten you ...

Answers to the age-old question: "what is love" by a group of adorable littles.


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