How to Draw Boundaries When You Get Unwanted Sexual Advances or Attention

How do you deal with unwanted sexual advances? Do you ignore it and hope it goes away?
Do you freeze, not sure what you’re supposed to do? Watch this video for tips and tools!

This weeks boundaries video is about a heavy and sensitive topic: How to deal with unwanted sexual advances. What do you do if someone is coming on to you in a sexual way, either at work or in your personal life, and it makes you uncomfortable?

This can even be people saying sexual or inappropriate things to you making you uncomfortable, which is still a type of sexual advance.

The creep vibe.

The looks up and down or suggestive comments. Ick!

Sandy Weiner and I are the co-creators of the Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships Program opening up again in March, and this is the fifth video in our prelaunch series of boundary challenges.  Keep Reading →

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Unsolicited Advice and How to Deal with It Without Losing Your Cool

 Have you ever been the unwitting recipient of someone telling you what they think you need to do? Have you been “shoulded” on? As in you “should” this or that. Unsolicited advice comes at us all the time. And until we learn how to deal with it, it can really drag us down!

In today’s video we’re addressing unsolicited advice. This is a really common boundary violation, and the next time you’re faced with a “well-meaning meddler”, we want you to be able to deal with it with grace.

What is unsolicited advice?

Very simply put, it’s advice we didn’t ask for. When someone starts a sentence with, “Here’s what you should do”, or another favoite “You know what’s a GREAT idea for you …” that’s unsolicited advice. When people give us advice we didn’t ask for, it can make us mad. Why? We feel imposed upon, like now we have to do something with their idea for us. It can make us feel disrespected, controlled, and disempowered. Or worse: judged. 

What is solicited advice?

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Have You Been Shamed?!

Shame is one of the most debilitating emotional reactions we have. Watch the video to learn how to stop the shame spiral and take your power back!

Have you ever felt the shame of not being good enough, not measuring up to others’ expectations, or doing the wrong thing and wishing you could take it back?

In today’s video, Sandy Weiner and I talk about how to stop the shame spiral. This is not about setting boundaries with others quite yet. Shame requires you to set boundaries with yourself first. We’ll show you how.

Shame! Now there’s a topic…

Shame is one of the most debilitating emotional reactions we have; it can literally suck the wind out of our sails and stop us from moving forward. We can get emotionally triggered from past shame unless we work on it.

That’s why we want to talk about shame and how to stop letting it take you down. Keep Reading →

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Standing Up for Yourself to People in Positions of Power

Have you ever been in a situation where someone in positions of power over you, like a teacher, boss, or a spiritual leader, put you down or made you feel small or insignificant? What did you do? How did you handle it?

Were you intimidated because of their position of power? Did you shut down? Did you think they must know what they’re talking about, so you questioned your own instincts? Did you speak up?

Or did you just walk away to find another spiritual leader/teacher/boss?

In today’s video, coach Sandy Weiner and I share helpful and practical tips about what to do when faced with this all too common boundary challenge.

One of the reasons we love doing these videos (and working together as co-creators of Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships Program) is although both have distinctly different backgrounds, we both have a pure love for boundaries. You get not one, but two (!!) experts supporting and guiding you in the often confusing world of how to set healthy boundaries. Keep Reading →

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