The Work

Working with both kids and adults, Theresa Byrne has spent over 18 years training people to transform and love their lives.

Her passion for empowerment, self-defense, and martial arts and how they can successfully transform lives can be seen on the KWGN Channel 2 series, “Secrets of Success”, which featured her as a successful female entrepreneur as the owner of United Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Denver, Colorado. A fun & energetic instructor, Theresa wants to help others find and keep their power, and has been leading such seminars for over a decade: “Breaking Up with Fear”, “Finding Your Voice,”, “Practical Self Defense”, and “Holistic Power for Healthy Living” or “Parenting 101…Tips to Help Parents Stay Sane” and a variety of others.

Theresa feels blessed to be recognized nationally as a health, fitness and power expert and featured on such media as: ABC Family’s “Fitting In”, a documentary helping kids struggling with their weight get healthy naturally. In the Centura Health magazine as a fitness and empowerment expert in “The Law of Attraction”, and in the critically acclaimed  book, “FAT Is Not a Four-Letter Word”.  Theresa was lucky enough to check another thing off her bucket list as she starred as “The Deadly Dame” in a independent martial arts film called “KungFu Kops”.

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Her work also includes being featured on “The Best Defense” as a national self defense expert, on The Outdoor Living Channel as a martial arts expert, on local news programs. as well as being a defense expert seen on 2010 SPIKE TV’s series “Don’t Be a Victim”, “Because Lives Depend On It(preview shown below)and ”Practical Tactical”.  

Her contributions and knowledge as a fitness and health expert played a part in the book Fat is Not a Four Letter Word, and articles found in The Mensa International Journal, Metaphysical Journey’s, The Denver Post, and the Rocky Mountain News.
Theresa is one of the few experts (and the only martial artist) in the 9News Health Fair “In the Classroom” programs, leading classes in local area schools. She is also is the creator of the DVD “Fitness Revolution for Kids”, and is featured in the ABC Family TV show “Fitting In” helping kids get healthy. Theresa is an Anger Management Educator, a FAST Defense Coach and Spokesperson, and an IPDTI (International Police Defense Tactics Institute) Instructor. She also has been offering programs in local schools such as The Denver University school for Gifted Children, and the Montessori School of Denver for over 10 years.

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