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 InPower Personal Sessions

  • VIP: Private One to One Sessions. VIP access for “boundaries on the fly” if you get in a pickle and need a Boundary Bodyguard; you get someone to coach you through it LIVE. Exclusive private training opportunity.  This program includes all the training from the group programs PLUS one on one access to Theresa, your personal “bodyguard”. Message me through the page and I’ll share the details/application. This is a limited program, when it’s full it’s full.
  • Group Coaching: Online workshops, worksheets, exercises, videos and audio program with phone access and support for unique power and boundary strategy sessions. This is a group program and will be recorded. Applications available if you message through this page.
  • Emergency 911 Sessions: If you’re in a situation that’s driving you batty, schedule a 911 Clearing Session. One issue can be long lasting or recent. But you must be ready to let it go. Up to 90 mins ONLY.
  • Energy/Obstacles Clearing: Sessions last 2-3+ hours on Skype, phone, or in person. These sessions are used to release any triggered  emotions or patterns around areas continually stopping you. Places that you’re continually blocked, or that you find yourself never achieving what you want. Or even self sabotaging behaviors that you are truly and completely DONE WITH having in your life.



This online workshop can help you learn about fear and break through the hold it has on you, all in the comfort of your own home.


These defense tips are culled from thousands of “Aha’s” at live workshops. You can learn them and apply them right now!












Know Your Profile: What’s Your Energetic Evolution?

Know Your Evolution…where are you? Have you applied or learned these yet?

We all see things through our own perceptions, our filters run the show.

We have control over our thoughts (positive and negative).

Emotions don’t have to run us.

We attract what we believe or what helps us grow.

Fear is a natural part of life; we choose what we do with it.

Every challenge, obstacle or perceived issue is a learning opportunity.

Take responsibility for our own journey.

You can have a life that lights you up, and gives you energy.

Love and acceptance are the ultimate goal!

Take your life to the next level.

Power. Freedom. Peace. Alignment.


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