Discover the Underlying Secrets of Your Brain 

The MindShift Mastery Program: Rewire Your Brain for Brilliance and Balance

Positive Mindset is so much more than a 'Catch Phrase.' 

With the RIGHT practice, you can change your brain and be the best you. For the REST of your LIFE.

YOUR SABOTAGING PATTERNS DON'T WANT YOU TO READ THIS!!!! Here are a few of their secrets:

  • They don't want you to make changes.
  • They want you to stay stuck.
  • They want to continue to run your life.
  • ¬†They will fight for their lives to keep you from shifting!

But you read this anyway. And you can do this! You can take your brain and your life BACK!
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Are you ready? Let's do this!

You could have brain-changing + new grey matter results in just 8 weeks ...

Are you ready to OUT your self-defeating behaviors so they stop STOPPING you? Self-sabotage SUCKS! That inner judge is MEAN!

If you're thinking "I don't have time for all of this...." or "It seems like too much work ..." or "These things work for everyone else but it won't for me...  " or (fill in the blank)... then you've just found your self-sabotaging voice.  

NOW is the time. It's the best time. Let us help you into your sage brain so you can take the right action and be free from these voices.

 "I should just wait and do it the next time they offer this.... "  "I can't possibly do it right now, I have too much going on/too much stress ..."

Instead of the blah blah blah (reasons NOT to have an amazing life) ...

Join us for the first-of-its-kind 8-week coaching program with a daily phone APP to kick off your new abilities! Together we'll get your brain into a bootcamp to start positively shifting. 


  • Without the positive¬†mental¬†agility¬†required to move quickly out of survival thinking/reactions, you‚Äôll feel increased mental¬†stress, such as anxiety, worry, fear, frustration, or unhappiness, as you face¬†challenges. And it'll suck the energy outta ya!
  • Your brain will have to work twice as hard to get back to CENTER and feel GOOD again.
  • You won't be as easily able to access your greatest gifts like INTUITION and CREATIVITY!

The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your brain's positive GREY MATTER using this program within 6-8 weeks of practice.

Join us if this sounds amazing, we offer group pods and you get videos, daily coaching meditations, and weekly expert coaching!

The results?

Calm, clear mind and a feeling of well-being and happiness. Dramatically improved performance and productivity. Ease and flow. Satisfaction and gratitude. The life you were meant to live. 

Want to learn more about your Sabotaging Characters and their self-defeating patterns?  

Not sure yet? Schedule a call to learn more

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  • One FULL YEAR of access to the Positive Intelligence app on your phone
  • Weekly group (POD) coaching call for 7-weeks with us. 
  • Weekly 1-hour training videos to dive deeper into understanding your Sage and Saboteurs
  • Instant access to the best-selling  "Positive Intelligence" book 
  • Pod Community App for one full year to stay accountable and connected.
  • Saboteur Assessment resource.
  • Additional individual coaching sessions are DISCOUNTED and available for $125/30 mins or $250/60 mins. 
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  • One FULL YEAR of access to the Positive Intelligence app on your phone
  • Weekly group (POD) coaching call for 7-weeks with us. 
  • Weekly 1-hour training videos to dive deeper into understanding your Sage and Saboteurs
  • Instant access the first 8 Chapters of the best-selling  "Positive Intelligence" book 
  • Pod Community App for one full year to stay accountable and connected.
  • Saboteur Assessment resource.
  • Additional individual coaching sessions DISCOUNTED and available for $125/30 mins or $250/60 mins. 
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Which side of your brain are you in?

The 8-Week MindShift Mastery Program: Rewire Your Brain for Brilliance and Balance

Being mentally fit is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur) survival thoughts.

Based on the extensive Positive Intelligence© research of Stanford neuroscientist and lecturer, Shirzad Chamine. This program is led by experts in the field, with weekly support and coaching. 

  • Saboteurs react to challenges in ways that generate negative emotions such as stress, disappointment, self-doubt, regret, anger, shame, guilt, or worry.
  • Your Sage handles challenges through positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, and calm, clear-headed, laser-focused action.¬†
  • The relative strength of your positive Sage versus negative Saboteurs is called PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient¬©). ¬†

Discover the underlying Power of Your Brain with the MindShift Mastery Program: Rewire Your Brain for Brilliance and Balance!

Unleash your true potential. Change your life.


"I have done many self-improvement programs that all promise amazing results which seem to fade quickly. Trying another program was not high on my list of priorities right now but when Theresa mentioned the Positive Intelligence program and I started learning more about it, I was fascinated with the prospect of actually being able to change the neural pathways in my brain. "

Operations Manager, Creative Marketing Solutions

"What is new and life changing is the ‚Äėmind control,‚Äô the ability to ‚Äėlet go‚Äô when any negative feelings take over. This program has given me the ability to be in the driver seat of my life."

Nathalie Brys
General Counsel, Philips

"This has been the most impactful training I ever experienced. You develop powerful mental muscles to deal with challenges with much less stress and greater clarity, creativity, and resilience. Every sales professional would benefit greatly from this."

Adam McGraw
Sales VP & GM, American Express

""Life changing on so many levels." "Most of the trainings I‚Äôve done fizzle out very quickly. I started this program a year ago and its impact on me keeps growing. It has been life changing on so many levels. "I‚Äôm so much more effective and have so much less stress in every area of my life ‚ÄĒ from blowing past revenue targets at work, to far more fulfilling relationships at home." "

Bruce Zali
VP of Sales & Marketing, Promise Technology

"Three weeks into it ‚Äď I‚Äôve got to say it‚Äôs working. The changes have been profound and the techniques that are used can be easily implemented in our busy lives. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and especially those who are in need of more positivity in their life."

L.W. Wright
General Manager

""This is the best ‚Äėtraining‚Äô I‚Äôve done in my 37 years here‚Ķ I personally have experienced a new sense of energy, engagement and possibility both at work and at home ‚ÄĒ and I am actually getting full nights of sleep!""

Sandi Sandiland
Head of Global Sales P&D, Amazon

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Become a part of the POSITIVE revolution.

Years of Breakthrough Research

This program is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral and positive psychology, and performance science.
Research included:
Hundreds of CEOs
Sales, operations, and technology teams
Stanford students
Elite athletes
500,000 participants from 50 countries
The research reveals that:
Saboteurs and Sage live in entirely different regions of the brain.
You CAN cause a dramatic shift in brain activation to weaken Saboteurs and boost Sage.
3 core muscles constitute mental fitness.
What you will learn about the 3 Core Muscles of Neuro Fitness: 
1. Saboteur Interceptor Muscle
Your Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent. Strong neuro fitness requires the ability to intercept and move away from the Saboteurs.
2. Sage Muscle
Your Sage is part of you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions. It also has access to your 5 primary powers. 
3. Self-Command Muscle
You’re not in full command of your mind. None of us are!
If you were, you would choose to entirely silence the Saboteurs in your head.
You would choose not to stress out over what you can’t control, push away self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend very little time in anger, regret, or blame.  
PQ/Positive Intelligence© Reps are innovative 10-second exercises which build up this crucial Self-Command muscle in the brain. You learn to run your brain, rather than allow your Saboteur-hijacked brain to run you.  

"‚ÄúA brilliant breakthrough.‚ÄĚ The Positive Intelligence (PQ) model is a brilliant breakthrough as it defines, measures, and improves your awareness of your own performance and happiness. It also helps solve the mystery of why so many smart people still fail to be successful." "

Jim Lanzone
Chief Digital Officer, CBS

Meet Your Mental Fitness Coaches

Theresa Byrne

Theresa is a CPQC, certified Positive Intelligence coach, working directly with its creator Shirzad Chamine, a Stanford lecturer with over 500,000 participants in his worldwide research.

She's also a 4th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor and mentor in adrenal technology, self-defense/martial arts, a TEDx speaker featured on TED, award-winning author of 5 books, and CEO of InPower™.

Her TED talk has been viewed over 400k times and was selected by Thrive Global Magazine as one of "The Top Ten Most Meaningful TED Talks" in 2019. 

She healed her brain from a devastating TBI in 2014 and has been training people how to say safe, sane, and activated in their inner power for over 20 years on television and in live workshops.

After working with over thirty thousand clients, she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to stay powerful  -- no matter what.   


Rick Reynolds

Rick is trained in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Life Coaching, Mental Fitness, and Reiki.

Specialties: he's a teacher of Hypnotherapy and specialize in core belief transformation and past life regression. Taught for three years at the oldest Hypnotherapy School in California and assisted many new Hypnotherapists in launching their private practice. Rick has also developed a system group and individual transformative techniques including a powerful process of core belief transformation using bilateral brain stimulation.

Rick is also part of a team of more than 50 practitioners in Sedona, Arizona who work with individuals and couples on spiritual retreats from around the world. 

In the Spring of 2020 he added the role of Podcast Producer to Sedona Soul Adventures. The first season of "Sedona Soul Adventures Meeting the Masters" Podcast featuring interviews with luminaries such as John Gray "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus", Dr. Christain Northrup "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom", John Assaraf "The Secret", Marci Shimoff "Happy For No Reason", Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor "My Stroke of Insight" and many more.

Want to learn how to change your brain?

In this live interview and discussion between Theresa Byrne and Rick Reynolds, we discuss how important it is that we identify and end self-sabotage. We'll also talk about how to access your inner wisdom, and higher mind for better results.

No matter how evolved or aligned you are, things come up.

Life happens. Challenges appear. And we create mental stress vs. mental peace. 

Things like:  

  • being hard on yourself
  • avoiding difficult conversations¬†
  • making sure everyone else is taken care of BEFORE you focus on yourself

Or, heaven forbid, trying to make sure everything is RIGHT and perfect before launching that new course, writing that book, or putting your ideas out there.

When our saboteurs are running amok in the background, we suffer. 

By identifying and "outing" the 10 types of saboteurs, you can become aware of what's holding you back from success, satisfaction, loving relationships, or even just feeling a sense of calm every day.

To help you move past any blind spots, triggers or blocks, this 6 week science-based program will help you change the way your brain is programmed to deal with stressors.

Based on research of over 500,000 participants in 50 countries, fMRI studies show after 6-8 weeks of this training you'll not only develop more helpful gray matter in your higher mind, but you'll be less likely to go into the sabotaging patterns of the past. 

The key is shifting in the minute and practicing the shift a few times a day.



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