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Struggling To Activate Your Inner Power??

Learn the strategies I've used with thousands of clients to help them build confidence, peace, and success.

Did you know that 68% of Americans feel unsatisfied in their lives?

Learn how to stop doing what doesn't work, and start doing what does. Learn how to have your own back!


Monthly Tools and Tips to Help You Own Your Power 

This month is about CHILLING OUT!

  • Your brain NEEDS downtime.

  • Overworking does not equal MORE results. 

  • Learning to thrive creatively means taking time to de-stress!


I'm Theresa Byrne. 

I'm a professional trainer and a global speaker (with over 450k views on my talk, "The Dangers of Your Inner Bully").
I help people get unstuck, find balance, and use positive boundaries.
My students call me, "Master T" and I'm a nationally recognized expert in self-empowerment and a Master Instructor in martial arts, and personal self-defense, and use my experience to teach others (I've worked directly with over 40,000 clients) how to activate their inner power using concepts like how adrenaline affects our bodies and mindset, and why boundaries are the secret to staying sane.
A natural-born protector, I'm a self-defense expert and the first woman to earn the rank of Master Instructor in my system of martial arts.