Free Strategy Session

Sometimes you need the support of a powerful ally who can help you remember your own power. 

Theresa Byrne is an InPower specialist and can help you figure out where in your life you are in full power, and where you may be out of it. This is called a “power outage”. Our power can be drained by many things and learning how to assess where and when 0ur power is being blocked, stopped, drained, or limited is important to our success.

We have to do less of what drains or limits us, and more of what IS us, or helps us back to ourselves. When we’re in our full inpower, we have the energy to power through our day and flow through things that seemingly used to hold us back.

The scientific equation for power relates to “work over time”. Think of those times when you’re in the flow, or the zone, and time flies by because your doing what you love. The energetic equation for electric power is known as Ohm’s Law (Om) and relates to voltage, currant, and resistance.

I’m all about undoing your resistance to your inpower. We look for places that are causing your resistance. 

For a no obligation FREE 30 minute Assessment Session: email her at with the heading: FREE InPower Strategy Session.

We can assess your Inpower.

Sessions can be done in person in the Denver area, by phone, Skype, Zoom, or email. Whichever is most comfortable for you. When you sign up for the session you’ll receive a questionnaire and a quiz to help outline the places you may need support.



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