About Theresa Byrne: author,  speaker, 20+ year martial arts veteran/4th degree Black Beltumac Master Instructor, business owner/serial entrepreneur, and positivist! Theresa’s true calling is teaching all things related to power and what takes us away from it; she’s a leading authority on personal power, women’s safety, fear, a Master Boundary Setting Educator, an Anger Management Educator, a Personal Protection Specialist, an Adrenal Stress Training Coach/Mentor, and also a certified Fitness Pro and massage therapist since 1998.

With a unique ability to see/feel power and ‘outages’ or ‘blocks’, she’s trained tens of thousands of people (and over millions through her TV shows) to understand and apply these techniques — how their specific power works in them. Maybe you know what a life coach is, but that’s not quite exactly what she does; an Activator, Catalyst, and Mentor: she’s been working with clients in this way and doing what’s now called “coaching” since the late 1990’s (with concentrations in Social Work/Psychology in college she didn’t feel called to go the therapist route). She takes you through a systematic process, the “InPower System”, so you can ROCK your world. With an ability to meet people wherever they are, she’s a guide, a leader, a teacher and a sounding board depending on needs of those she’s working to serve.

Having been on a path based on power (what she calls “InPower”) her entire life, Theresa is an entrepreneur, and a Master Instructor/Owner at a martial arts & fitness studio in Colorado where she learned to overcome and learned what it meant to “live in your power”.

She crafted her college education to suit her innate curiosity and desire to learn about people, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with concentrations (like minors) in Psychology, Social Work, and Business/Marketing. That along with being a Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner (coupled with her training in Social Work at the crisis hotline) opened the doors to what would eventually become the path toward helping others realize their potential. She’s also trained & certified in several different healing modalitites, child development, as an intutive, in behavior modification and release, fitness specialist, mentor, and completed her first book,“Theresa ByrneInPower”, 3 Ways  to Unleash Your Superpowers”.

Theresa often works with kids that are highly sensitive and struggling with these feelings and abilities.

She’s a published author, and a contributing writer to The Good Men Project and Huffington Post. Master T is also a nationally recognized self-defense expert, a motivational speaker, and the founder of a martial arts center in Denver, United Martial Arts & Fitness Center.  Having worked with kids of all ages and learning styles and abilities, Theresa spends a great deal of time putting together leading programs with local schools. She has spent more than 17 years creating an environment of fun, fitness, and empowerment. Her focus has come to be most specifically on women and children, developing workshops and programs that teach defense and how to lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally.


2012-11-23-15-01-10Theresa is the co-founder of POW: Power Of Women Training Programs, a self-empowerment/defense program for women by women. The creator of Bling with Sting, a keychain defense tool and The Fitness Revolution for Kids DVD.

Her first book, InPower: a Woman’s Guide to Helping You Unleash Your Superpowers, has received acclaim (her mom really likes it) and she’s working on releasing a men’s guide. Theresa is also writing a guide for health & wellness to be released sometime in 2017.

She is a founding member of MadHens, a networking group based solely on empowering women; on the Denver Board for Made By Survivors;  is a huge supporter of; Family Tree, House of Hope, Denver Kids, The Bridge Project, Warren Village, and The Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.

Theresa won the AMEX M3 award from the Women’s Economic Development Council in 2011, was very active in the business organizations like EO, Entrepreneur Organization, and Camp Experience involved in helping business owners succeed.

She can be reached via email at or through the Social Media links to the right.

Theresa is a nationally recognized defense and health expert appearing in “Fitting In” a TV show to help empower kids to find health and wellness that aired on the ABC Family Network . She also co-hosted episodes as the female defense expert on the television series “The Best Defense”,  and was co-host and Personal Protection Safety Expert “Practical Tactial”, “What If”, “Don’t Be a Victim” and “If Lives Depend On It” on SPIKE TV worldwide. She’s been featured in national and local media for her work with kids, health and defense. She’s the VP of the Denver Vision board for  as well as a supporter to

Her 2009-09-29 12.23.13mission is teaching people how to empower themselves against anything that can cause them harm…fear, negativity, self-created obstacles or even conflict/abuse. She is the founder of “Bling With Sting” a patented defense tool ; creator of the exercise DVD “Fitness Revolution for Kids”; She’s also a certified as an Anger Management Coach/Educator, Adrenaline Training Defense Coach and she’s a ball of energy (except in the kitchen), she has to order out a lot. Theresa is also one of the few female instructors trained in International Police Defense Tactics Institute (IPDTI).



Additional Experience/Degrees/Certifications

  •  Colorado State University
  •             B.A. in Speech Communication with Concentrations in Business/Marketing & Psychology/Social Work
  • Roadhouse Crisis & Information Hotline Certified Volunteer & Paraprofessional Trainer (6 years)
  • Social Work Department at CSU: spent six years working with and running organization as a Victim’s Advocate/Crisis Counselor/Trainer
  •             Basic Training Paraprofessional (2 years) and Management Paraprofessional (1 year)
  • C.M.T-Certified Massage Therapist 2003 (Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Neuromuscular, Sports Massage/Sports Injury concentration)
  • 2003 Certified Reiki-2nd Degree Practitioner of energy healing
  • 2006-to present Intuitive Training and teaching energy sensitivity to children
  • Fitness & Sports Medicine Certified: 1999 AAAI/ISMA, AFAA;
  • 4th Degree Master Black Belt in Martial Arts
  • 20+ years of training in a variety of martial arts styles & disciplines: Tae Kwon-Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Hapkido, Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga & Filipino weapon arts
  • IPDTI-International Police Defense Tactics Instructor Certified
  • Anger Management Certified Coach & Certified Educator
  • Certified Adrenaline Stress Training Defense Instructor (FAST) and Coach (certified since 2000)
  • EZ Defense For Kids Certified Instructor and Coach (since 2000)
  • 2009 appeared as Self-defense Expert/Protection Specialist on “The Best Defense” Television show teaching self-defense
  • 2008 produced and starred in “The Fitness Revolution for Kids” DVD
  • 2010 Female host and Self-defense Expert/Personal Protection Specialist on SPIKE TV Shows: “Don’t Be a Victim” appearing in “Practical Tactical”,  “Predator Stoppers”; “Because Lives Depend On It”;
  • Creator of personal empowerment program called, “Finding Your Voice” and “Practical Self-Defense”, “Shift Into Power”, “Spiritual Self-Defense”, and POW: Power of Women Training programs
  • 2011 co-authored a chapter as the movement and fitness expert in the book “Fat is not a Four Letter Word”.
  • 2013 founded “Bling with Sting” a patented defense keychain tool
  • 2013 published “InPower: 3 Ways to Unleash Your Superpowers” workbook
  • 2013 was a co-founder/keynote speaker of “The Heroine’s Journey” workshops
  • 2014 began writing for The Huffington Post
  • 2014 began writing for The Good Men Project 
  • in July, 2014 Theresa suffered the impact of approximately 6 concussions from a hit & run car accident and has been focusing on healing her brain and body from it. If you need to contact her, please know that admin will get her messages but she asks for your grace. 


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