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The following links will take you to national media articles and interviews written about Theresa:

Law of Attraction interview in Vim and Vigor Magazine

Verbal Defense (Interview) in Metaphysical Journey Magazine

MENSA International Bulletin Interview Article on Defense

Radio Interview – Forget Expectations and Roar


National online magazine articles written by Theresa:


“It’s Not Easy” 6/03/14 (Article on facing a stalker)

good men

“4 Words That Will Make-or-Break Your Relationship”  – 7/27/15

“7 Steps to Becoming Your Own Guru” – 7/13/15

“Mystery Man Pays it Forward With Twitter Treasure Hunt” – 5/29/14
“7 Reasons We Fall for Sociopaths” – 4/24/14
“Now you see me, now you don’t: the Chameleon Nature of Sociopaths” – 4/16/14
“My Tearful Response to the “Dear Fatty” Post” – 4/11/14
“Father Appeals to Fathers to Save Son” – 3/20/14
“Pseudo Spirituality” – 3/14/14
“Conflict? Don’t Take It Personally” – 3/2/14
“Six Tips For Feeling, Not Fixing” – 3/1/14
“Two Tips For Positive Parenting” – 2/5/14
“To My Bros: 5 Tips From Your Best Woman Friend” – 1/29/14

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