The Nobility of Sacrifice?

The Nobility of Sacrifice

The Nobility of Sacrifice????

Do you believe there’s something noble in suffering? I certainly did, until I realized how much it might be holding me back.

I didn’t know I had this particular belief running around like a martyred monkey creating havoc in my mental programming until recently.

Now, here’s the thing about programming: I understand the power of our unconscious beliefs, since one of my jobs is helping others identify and get past them; and I also know the only way to find them is to see where we’re blocked from having the life we want. Keep Reading →

Can You Learn to Embrace Failure?

I’m asking you to look at failure as feedback and learn to embrace it.

Why is it that many of us go to great lengths to avoid making mistakes, being wrong, or admitting failure? Even typing the word failure was hard, and I instantly felt the need to justify what I mean by it. And I’m just typing it! Guess what—we all mess up. It’s true. At some point we will all experience failure but it doesn’t have to be devastating.

As a culture have we become personally ‘failure avoidant’? Risk adverse? Keep Reading →

A Wish For Teens Struggling

Thank you note

I do a very limited amount of private coaching (although I love watching people transform).
And many of those clients happen to be teens.

Struggling through a variety of life issues, unable to “find their way” and many of them are also intuitive. Sensitive. Energetically wired differently. Unique. Empathic, they are highly attuned and pick up feelings and situations acutely. Oftentimes they learn or process differently but are way smarter than me. Sometimes called dyslexics or diagnosed with ADHD, they are unique. And they are Old Souls.

We used to call them “Indigo Children”, and life hasn’t always been easy for them. Keep Reading →