Collaboration is “We” vs. “Me” Energy

“Me vs. We” Energy

Collaboration is a nice idea. People working together to achieve an outcome greater than any one person could create alone. Like Utopia. And it’s become a kind of catchphrase recently. But not everyone is equipped from the factory for collaboration; even if we expect them to be. While some of us are natural born collaborators, some aren’t; and some may move too far over into the “but what does everyone else think? We must have consensus” side of the pendulum.

Healthy collaboration (based on interdependence) can be an amazing tool. But what does it really look like and how does it work?

Collaboration requires a certain type of space or environment to flourish.

Collaborative space allows for openness, for ideas to flow, and for the genius of more than one person to shine. “Me” space is limited by one person. “We” space stops being all about one shining superstar and starts being about a community; like a galaxy of stars or a universe. And when that happens, an infinite number of possibilities suddenly show up.

In a “me” space it’s all about “mine”: competition, scarcity, and “what’s mine and how can I control it” Keep Reading →