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A worksheet to help you start the releasing process on whatever you need to forgive yourself for; it’s time.


“The Forgiveness List” Worksheet Download








These tips are fresh out of live in-person classes and workshops on self-defense. They may seem simple and easy-to-use, but these tips were the biggest surprises according to participants. Note: none of them involved a physical move. We can stop something bad happen BEFORE it happens by being aware!~ Please check them out. For your safety.

 The Art of Embracing Anger ebook

Anger has power over us until we learn how to work with it. Please take a minute to check out the ebook!

It’s based on many years of field research, cutting edge science & technology, and training.  Being a certified Anger Management Coach then Educator teaching workshops & courses to teens and adults since 2009, these are the biggest “aha’s” and most helpful parts.

img_6501*Metaphysical Journey Magazine 2009 Article “Verbal Self Defense” PDF

 Boundaries Quiz: How adept are you at setting your boundaries?

And some videos from a few live workshops:

Fear: Name Your Fear Dragons and release their power over you!


Breaking Up With Fear

Expectations! Oh NO!


What did you want to be…

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