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A worksheet to help you start the releasing process on whatever you need to forgive yourself for; it’s time.


“The Forgiveness List” Worksheet Download







These tips are fresh out of live in-person classes and workshops on self-defense. They may seem simple and easy-to-use, but these tips were the biggest surprises according to participants. Note: none of them involved a physical move. We can stop something bad happen BEFORE it happens by being aware!~ Please check them out. For your safety.




Downloadable EBOOK on finally learning to understand anger (and what it does) so you can choose your responses.

Anger has power over us until we learn how to work with it. Please take a minute to check out the ebook!

It’s based on many years of field research, cutting edge science & technology, and training.  Being a certified Anger Management Coach then Educator teaching workshops & courses to teens and adults since 2009, these are the biggest “aha’s” and most helpful parts.

img_6501*Metaphysical Journey Magazine 2009 Article “Verbal Self Defense” PDF

 Boundaries Quiz: How adept are you at setting your boundaries?


Boundary Quiz: How adept are you at setting your boundaries?

Here are videos from a few live workshops:

Fear: Name Your Fear Dragons and release their power over you!


Breaking Up With Fear

Expectations! Oh NO!


What did you want to be…

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