What You Need To Lose to Find Love

GMP Article “What You Need To Lose To Find Love”

Theresa Byrne says if you want love, substitute letting go for seeking.

I hesitate to write anything that starts with a title of “YOU NEED,” because I cringe at anyone telling others WHAT to do. I am not the boss of you. Nor do I want to be. I’m also not your mom. And yes, I know, my title may sound like that well-meaning friend who tells you their version of “The Way The World Is” over and over. For that I apologize.

But for this message, “What You Might Want to Think About …” and “Maybe Some Things That Are Getting In Your Way …” and “Here Are a Few Things That Hold Us Back From Finding Love In Our Lives” just wouldn’t cut it. I mean, after all, I’m writing about love. And an article about love needs to have a title that matches—or at least tries to match—the impact of the feeling.  Keep Reading →

Breaking Up Sucks: 8 Things Stand Up Guys Do

Breaking Up Sucks: 8 Things Stand Up Guys Can Do To Make it Better

There’s no easy way to break up, but I want to offer these 8 tips for doing it with grace and respect.

Breaking up is hard to do (insert any song lyric here).

This list was created in hopes of making it easier for men to be stand up guys when going through a breakup. The world is filled with stand up guys. What’s a “stand up guy”? My definition is a man who does what’s right and kind even when it may not seem the easy choice. It’s the guy who takes the path less traveled; breaking up with care. It’s not easy! We get it.

Note: Since I’m a woman, this is written from a woman’s points of view, using examples. Not all women are the same. However, I believe these points have merit for anyone (male OR female) to consider.

You want to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings so you, um, avoid it. Please don’t. That’s not what being a “stand up guy” is about. When I teach I use the background of a particular lesson or thought process, and some possible scripts to get people started in areas they’re uncomfortable. So that’s what I’m offering here. Keep Reading →

Is It a Breakup or a “FakeUP”?

How to Know If It’s a Breakup Or a “Fake Up”

If you’re considering reconnecting with your ex, Theresa Byrne has a few questions for you that require honest answers.
Is it a break up or a fake up?
“Hey, didn’t you guys break up? Are you still texting? And did you spend the night over there last week? What’s up with that?”

Breakups are tough. They hurt. The more we cared about the person we were dating, the more painful the breakup. We feel parts deep inside getting ripped apart. Internally, we feel ourselves separating from another human being who was a part of us, our ‘other,’ and the tearing of the bond doesn’t feel good. In the exact same places we experienced something wonderful when the bond formed, we now feel pain along with the numbness of grief. Keep Reading →

6 Healthy Ways to Recover From a Breakup

6 Healthy Ways to Recover From a Breakup

Theresa Byrne offers the heartbroken a 6-step program to feel whole again.

A close friend called me the other day and is going through a breakup, and it hurt my heart to listen to the sound of his heartbreak. It’s not that he didn’t know things were in trouble, but he’d always assumed he had more time to get it together, to make things right again. To get things back to the way they were once.

His story isn’t all that unusual or unlike those of any of us who’ve faced those same feelings of utter heartbreak and certain devastation; like falling from a cliff and landing on your back with the wind knocked out of you, unable to move or breathe.

“You are not broken. You aren’t. You may feel broken, but there’s nothing broken about you.” Keep Reading →