America needs a time out!


Anger and fear are running rampant through our country right now, and it’s not the same country it was two weeks ago.

There are citizens that have lived here for generations who are suddenly afraid of being kicked out, harassed, or hurt. And that’s just at the supermarket. Uber drivers are calling their relatives as they pick up a new fare and staying on the phone with them, just to say, “yeah, I’m here and I’m OK.” How would you feel if that was your son, or daughter, or brother, or sister?

How would you feel if all of a sudden you had a target on your back and it was somehow OK for people you don’t know to make disparaging comments to you? And that means people in both political parties! Calling each other names is never good, labeling others as being one way because of who they vote for has never been a way to create change, it only creates more separation. More anger. More heat.

We all want our country to work. We all want to feel safe. We are all human beings, there’s no “us”and there’s no “them”.

I know in my heart that acting out in hate isn’t how most of us think or act; we know bullying isn’t OK, and frightening or ganging up on people is never OK and especially not because of their color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or choice of political party. Rationally we know this. But suddenly, these little insular acts of racism, or sexism, or even bullying have started to become prevalent. As is the rioting which just causes more anger.

America, take a time-out.

Anger is never a good emotion to act from, not when you’re in the throes of it. Not when it’s searing through your body. Whether your candidate won, and you’re defending yourself OR your candidate lost and you’ve decided to “ACT OUT”;  it’s not rational thought driving this reaction. It’s fear, anger, or even something worse like a desire to “get back” at someone. Or to “show them”. Show them what exactly? How tough and strong and mean you can be?

What do we do to a child when they throw a temper tantrum? When they bully other kids? We point out that their behavior isn’t OK and give them a time out. If we want to create changes, then we do it from within. We don’t get to act out and hurt others, and we don’t start treating people as if they were less than human. Ever. It’s. Not. OK.

Look to those who have created lasting differences on the planet, Mother Teresa never held a rally and Ghandi didn’t riot. They didn’t label others, they just did their work and created change.

Breathe. If you get angry or triggered, breathe. Don’t react. Find a way to respond rationally.


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